Cosmetic Anodizing

Spectral works to the MIL-A-8625F Type II class 1 and class 2 standard.

View the Mil-A-8625F spec sheet.

On the most common machined alloy 6061, the standardized thickness of our clear anodizing is 10 to 15 microns and 20 to 25 microns for coloured anodizing. On other alloys such as 2024, 7075 and castings, please consult us if dimensional change is of concern.

We offer six basic colours, with shades of each colour also available. Colours available: black, pewter, gold, burgundy, blue, and purple.

Colour chips

With the exception of the gold colour, all the remaining colours offered are not heat resistant and will discolour at high temperature. If a heat resistant black finish is required, please refer to our Architectural Bronze Anodizing section.

Aluminum Anodizing