Benefits of Anodizing

The main aluminum finishing competition to anodizing is painting and powder coating. Anodizing is superior in durability and wear as the anodized coating is an integral part of the base aluminum. When painted or powder coated aluminum is scratched to the bare metal, the natural oxidation will propagate under the painted surface and eventually crack and lift the coating off. Not only is an anodized surface much harder to scratch through, once it is scratched to the bare metal, the scratched area self heals itself. The exposed aluminum naturally oxidizes and does not propagate under the adjacent anodized area. The aesthetics of the part is maintained with only the unsightly scratched mark.

Other benefits of anodizing are. . .

  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Non-conductive insulating properties
  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Hygienic and sterilization safe over raw or painted aluminum
  • Salvage hardcoat to build up minor dimensionally undersized parts

Aluminum Anodizing