Our Staff

“The employees are my most important asset. Their loyalty and dedication built this company”

staff1Tim Chow

President and General Manager

Tim is very easy going and is a true entrepreneur in that he loves the excitement of building his own company and working hard to ensure it runs efficiently. As a graduate from UBC from Chemical Engineering – Tim never imagined his life to include aluminum anodizing, but has built two successive anodizing companies. Tim sold the first company after ten years and began Spectral Finishing eighteen years ago. Tim’s first job after university was in an anodizing company and when he saw the lack of variety in the marketplace, he cornered an anodizing niche for himself. Born in Hong Kong, Tim immigrated to Canada in 1970 and has lived in Toronto and Vancouver. Tim is a family oriented person, so much so that he runs his company as a Spectral family of sorts. Tim is married and has two sons and one daughter. Tim is a self-professed workaholic, but when he does take a break, he likes to travel with his family and weight train to keep fit.

staff2Jason Ali

Plant Manager

Jason began his career 28 years ago as one Tim’s first employees. Jason has done every job possible at Spectral before becoming plant manager. He is known as a problem solver and a jack-of-all-trades. Jason has superior customer service skills and is known at Spectral for making sure jobs get done and shipped on time. Jason emigrated from Fiji, and is married with a teenage son and daughter. For leisure activities he enjoys boxing, fishing and camping.


JudyJudy Frinskie

Office Manager

Judy has been the control center at Spectral for fourteen years. A typical day involves taking care of invoicing, payroll, banking and accounts receivable. Judy began her career at Spectral as a laser operator. She no longer operates the laser, but is now the go-to person for quotations on laser marking orders. Judy always finds herself multitasking, and is open to all new opportunities. She is married with two daughters, and enjoys camping, hiking and watching her daughters play rep baseball and soccer.

Andrew Chow

Future General Manager

Andrew is Tim’s eldest son.  Following his father’s path, Andrew has obtained his B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at U.B.C.   He will be the future leader to grow Spectral to the next level.  Andrew is presently the company chemist and decorative/hardcoat anodizer.  He is keenly aware for the anodizers to produce consistent quality finishes, he must ensure the chemistry in the numerous process tanks are always within proper operating conditions.

Sao Leng

Lead Decorative/Hardcoat Anodizer

Sao followed Tim to Spectral from his first company.  He has over 20 years anodizing experience. He operates the line and ensures that every stage of the anodizing process is done correctly. He ensures that the customer’s order is carried out the right way. Sao specializes in knowing which coating will effectively work for different products. Sao is from Cambodia and is married – he has one daughter and two sons. He is a self-professed handyman in plumbing/flooring and also enjoys playing soccer and volleyball.

Vy Soun

Lead Chromater

Vy also followed Tim to Spectral and has been with Tim for twenty years. He is an expert chromater and can be counted on to rack, chromate, and pack an order for shipping with amazing efficiency. He notes that his role, like all Spectral employees is to ensure the customer is always happy. Vy is originally from Cambodia and tries to visit his extended family every three years; is married; and has two sons and two daughters. Vy relaxes by watching his daughter play soccer, gardening, and visiting his community temple.

Chhith Chib

Lead Decorative/Hardcoat Anodizer

Chhith came to Spectral from Tim’s former company and has over nineteen years experience as an anodizing operator. Chhith admits that there is a fine science to anodizing and it is important to know the balance between time, chemistry, and color saturation to achieve a good finish. Chhith is originally from Cambodia is married and has three sons and one daughter.When Chhith is not at Spectral, he spends time with his family, plays volleyball and likes travelling to Nanaimo and Victoria.

Ton In

Quality Inspector and Packer

Ton has worked with Spectral for eighteen years and her role includes ensuring all finished products are inspected and the client’s order is complete before shipping. At times her role is very rushed and she enjoys working hard. Ton is originally from Cambodia and is married to Spectral’s Lead Chromator – Vy Soun. She has two sons and two daughters. She enjoys cooking for family and gardening. She notes her daughters are very sports oriented and like to watch them play volleyball and soccer.

Kosal Chow

Lead Architectural Anodizer

Kosal has been with Spectral for fifteen years and is a lead architectural anodizer. He understands the importance of having a high quality product and ensures that every stage of the anodizing process is done correctly. After his many years of experience, Kosal specializes in knowing which coating will effectively work for specific architectural products. Kosal is from Cambodia and is married – he has four sons and one daughter. In his spare time, Kosal enjoys travelling to Vancouver Island with his family and relaxing at home.

Narin Leng

Lead Architectural Anodizer

Narin is the eldest son of Sao.  He started as a teenager over eleven years ago working part time and continued on full time after finishing high school.  Narin has worked his way up and is now responsible for the afternoon shift.  He is married and has a young daughter.  On his days off, he enjoys fishing and producing music for his friends’ bands.

Saveth Soun

Laser Supervisor

Saveth has nine years experience as a laser marking expert at Spectral Finishing. As well as setting up and operating the machinery, Saveth consults with clients and creates artwork for lasering. Saveth is an aspiring accountant who was born in Thailand and lived in Cambodia before immigrating to Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and playing basketball with his friends.

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